What is web hosting and how does it work?

Web hosting also has a special role like a domain name for setting up a website or blog. So along with domain name you also need to know about web hosting.

Nowadays the demand of web development, web design, e-commerce website, blogging, affiliate marketing has increased a lot. Many people are making their career in these fields. You can learn everything at home like me.

Also, you might be wondering how a website can stay open 24 hours a day. Where all website or blog information is collected. You will get the solution of all questions in this post.

This is the second step of creating a website or blog.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service, which is a place or computer to store all the information on the Internet. This is what we call web hosting in internet parlance. Where we may store our website information. It is connected to a computer that is always on, to keep the website running 24 hours a day.

Think of the library as the web hosting and the book as your website and the book as the domain name.

You can also create a web server if you want. But its maintenance cost is high and 24 hours electricity is required. Otherwise the website will be closed. So we buy webserver from some company.

There are many reputable hosting companies. Eg – Blue Host, GoDaddy, SiteGround. When we buy web server from all these companies. Then they give a space or place. Where we can upload our Video, Image, File, Text through website or blog.

This web hosting is always connected to the internet. So anyone can see the website or blog through their mobile or computer browser at any time anywhere in the world. But you must have domain name associated with Web Hosting.
This is called a website or blog.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is divided into many categories based on various features (such as Profomance, security, space) and on the basis of price keeping customers in mind.

I will discuss about the most used Web Hosting among them. Those are the shots

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual private server)
  • Dedicated hosting (dedicated server)
  • Cloud hosting

Let’s know about them in detail.

Shared hosting

As the name implies, your web hosting needs to be shared with others. This webserver will host many websites.

Many websites at once will consume Ram, Space and CPU on a webserver. So this hosting is cheaper than other hosting.

Suppose you have rented a room. Three more friends live in your room. The room is the web server and you and your friends are the website.

Since you are all sharing the room rent. As such you will need less room rent. That’s exactly what shared hosting is all about.

New bloggers or new website builders use this web hosting. Many people will use your server.

Some benefits of shared hosting

  • The cost of hosting is very low.
  • Best hosting for new bloggers.

Some disadvantages of shared hosting

  • Since the Ram Space, CPU of this hosting will use more websites, your website loading speed may be slow.
  • If there is high traffic, the server may be down. If more visitors come to your website, then you need to upgrade the hosting.

Reseller web hosting

Reseller hosting is very similar to shared hosting. Buying hosting from different hosting companies and reselling them in the market is basically called reseller hosting. Just like traders buy from wholesale shops and resell to customers.

Suppose you are a web developer and you have some clients. They may need a website. Then you buy the reseller package from the hosting provider and after developing the website, make your own package and sell the air. This process is called reseller web hosting.

Some Benefits of Reseller Hosting

  • From a good hosting company reseller, you can sell your purchased hosting package to your customers by creating your own plan.
  • Storage and bandwidth of reseller hosting accounts can be upgraded as needed.
  • Various hosting services software and systems. For example – WHM, Domain Reseller Account, Client Area etc. Which offers special benefits in managing reseller hosting packages.

Some disadvantages of reseller hosting

  • Reseller hosting costs more than shared hosting.
  • If your reseller hosting package continues to grow, you may need to upgrade your reseller hosting plan.
  • All hosting related responsibilities of customers shall be permanently borne by them.

VPS Hosting

The full name of VPS server is Virtual Private Server. This hosting is very similar to shared hosting. Shared hosting hosts multiple websites on one server. But when shared as a virtual server from the main server, you are given a personal (Private Server). It is called a VPS server.

Suppose a building has four rooms. The building is the man server now the rooms are virtual private servers. These are again divided in different ways on the basis of price. If you pay more, you will get more processing power, space means you will get a bigger room and if you pay less, you will get a smaller room.

Some advantages of virtual private server

  • It is much more secure than shared hosting as you will be given a personal private server.
  • It has more processing power so the website loading speed will be faster and more available.
  • Can drive much more traffic or visitors compared to shared hosting.

Some Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server

  • There are no disadvantages in this server but the price is a bit higher than shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is the exact opposite of shared hosting. Shared hosting hosts multiple websites on one server. But in case of dedicated server a website resides on one server.

You will be given full rights to this server which means not just one room but the entire building. No one else’s website but yours will be on this server. Only your files will be uploaded to this server.

Some of the benefits of dedicated hosting

  • It will handle much more visitors or traffic than shared and VPS hosting.
  • It’s much safer since it’s only yours to leave.
  • Since only your website is on this server, the loading speed of the website will be very fast.

Some disadvantages of dedicated hosting

  • It will cost much more.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is completely different from other hosting. Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where a special hosting system consisting of numerous servers is created. All servers use their own different hardware and software. Where shared and VPS i.e. dedicated hosting is provided with one server each.

The server of this hosting is down. Because there are many servers in this hosting, if one server is down, the other servers work fine.

This hosting is only suitable for websites that get a lot of visitors or traffic every month. And also for those who earn more money from their website. E-commerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal use Cloud Hosting. Because it costs a lot.

Some advantages of cloud hosting

  • Cloud hosting never has the possibility of website down. Because it consists of many servers. A server down will not affect the website.
  • The loading speed of the website will be very fast. Here each server has its own CPU. Its processing power is very high. Its data delivery is very fast.
  • This hosting offers high level of security.
  • It will handle high traffic very easily.

Some Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

  • There are no disadvantages of cloud hosting. Only new bloggers and those who earn less from their website than their hosting budget are at a disadvantage. Because this hosting is very expensive.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting

When buying hosting you will have two options. Now you have a question. What is Linux web hosting and what is Windows web hosting. Hosting accounts require the same operating system as your computer to run.

Most web hosting providers provide two types of operating system hosting Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting.

Linux web hosting

Linux web hosting is the most popular hosting. It is the most used web hosting. Because it is very easy to use and low cost. Linux is an open source operating system, so hosting companies don’t have to pay to use it. That’s why it’s cheap.

Linux web hosting is compatible with PHP and MySQL, supports scripts like WordPress, Zen Cart and phpBB.

Windows web hosting

Windows hosting costs a bit more. The hosting company has to pay for the license of Windows, which is why it is expensive. Both servers are great but Windows is considered more secure than Linux.

Windows hosting uses proprietary technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).

How does web hosting work?

When someone searches your web address (domain name) in their browser. Just then, you can see the files (Video, Image, File, Text) uploaded from the web server of the domain’s IP address in that browser. But before that the web server must be associated with the domain name.


Which hosting would be better for you?

Hope you understand everything about hosting. Then you will understand yourself which hosting will be best for you. Again, if you are a new blogger, buy shared hosting. Because its cost is low and now visitors will not come to your website can handle the website very easily.

When you see a lot of visitors coming to your website then you will take cloud hosting because its performance is much higher than shared hosting. High traffic will actually cause the server of the shared hosting to go down.

The Last Line

So guys, hopefully you understand everything about hosting. Comment below if you have any problem regarding hosting and if you like the post then definitely share with your friends.

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